Mum2Mum Fashion Bib Teal Chevron Teal 6 pieces

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Mum2Mum Fashion Bib Teal Chevron Teal

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This super absorbent wonder bib ensures that your child always looks good! 
The bib consists of 3 layers: high quality cotton with a trendy print, a waterproof layer on the inside and a 100% cotton layer in a solid color. This makes the Fashion Bandana usable on both sides!
If your child spills, drools or spits, the bib will stay dry. This prevents skin irritations and eczema. In addition, the liquid does not run off the bib on the clothes , also ideal for children with reflux.
The bibs can be tumble dried and are washing machine suitable and remain colourfast and beautiful even after frequent washing. The Fashion Bandana Wonderbib is ideal to wear all day, for example for babies who drool a lot. The cotton is extra soft, so it won't bother your child. The bib is not in the way when crawling.
In addition, they are cool and they are available in 8 different designs. 
- Super absorbent 
- 100% cotton 
- extra soft 
- ideal for eczema, reflux and drooling 
- Water-resistant inside 
- Colorfast 
- Two-sided 
- All-day bib 
- Also for crawling 
- Suitable for children from 4 months to 3 years 
- Dimensions : 26 cm (w) x 22 cm (l)
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