Mum2Mum Summer Dream Swaddle Small Pink Cross

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The number 1 swaddle cloth

A good night's sleep, which parent does not want that for their child? The Dream Swaddle Swaddle Cloth from Mum2Mum was developed from an idea of two mothers.
Their children managed to squeeze themselves out of every swaddle cloth, so they designed one themselves. The Dream Swaddle works with a double swaddle system.
Perfect for babies who have trouble sleeping and are restless from fatigue. They feel secure in the swaddle cloth and cannot scratch or wake themselves up. It creates peace for the baby and thus for his parents.
NEW: This Summer Dream Swaddle is specially designed for the warm spring and summer days. The Summer Dream Swaddle is nice and airy thanks to two ventilation nettings (on the chest and on the legs) and your child will never be too hot.
Practical: the Dream Swaddle does not have to be removed during the change, because there is a zipper at the bottom.
In addition, there is a special opening for the safety belt of the car seat, so that your child can sleep swaddled during car rides.
Are you looking for a swaddle cloth for your child with a smart design? Then look no further and go for it!
The swaddle cloth is very easy to use. Available in two sizes - size 1 (from approx. 3.2 kg to 6.3 kg) and size 2 ( 6.3 kg to 10 kg).
Dream Swaddle features :
  • Double swaddling system: on the inside and outside.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Change diaper without taking off the swaddle cloth.
  • Also for the car seat.
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